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Our Services


  • To increase the retention and graduation for men of color.
  • To increase graduation and success rates amongst men of color attending UNM and in our community.
  • Establish partnerships with faculty, staff, and community.
  • To increase awareness and use of available support services

Our Vision

The Men of Color Initiative will improve the retention, graduation rate and opportunities for male students of color at UNM and in our community.

Our Mission

Increase admission, retention and graduation rates among men of color and increase the campus’ awareness of issues with diversity and equity.


Community Engagement:  We work with a number of entities in the community and on campus including the Lobo Food Bank and Omega Delta Phi Community Service Fraternity.  Our work with the Prevention Institute via Making Connections: International District/Southeast Quadrant of the Albuquerque is centered on building young men of color into leaders and agents of change.  Men of color Initiative is involved in assisting local communities with Spanish, Swahili, Kirundi and Kinyarwanda language translations to the immigrant community.

Coaching and mentoring:  We work with students through other peer relationships imparting essential skills to support success on campus and beyond.  There are both undergraduate and graduate students available for peer support as well from diverse backgrounds including domestic and international student support. 

Coaching Role:
  • Provide skills in academic and personal success 
  • Review mentee academic and personal growth
  • Provide direction and support in handling difficult situations
  • Provide role models for men of color
  • Help members develop a network of educational and professional contacts
  • Enable members utilize campus and community resources

Leadership and Skill Building: Our workshops and events are geared towards skill building.  Some of our workshops include: Leadership and Social Media, Microaggressions, Racism, and Bias, Resilience and Success, How to Interact with Law Enforcement, just to name a few and are centered around building a healthy and whole person.  

Career and life Planning: We work are dedicated in serving our students by assisting them in their short and long term career and life endeavors.

Wellness: Some of our activities include basketball and soccer tournaments with an educational twist, learning about the importance of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.   

Academic support: Through our network on campus, we work with academic advisors in assisting our students to make decisive well-informed schedules to stay on track with graduation, even if students are undecided about their major or chosen career field.